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Anonymous asked: Are there many vegans on campus and is it hard living/ eating as one as a Pratt student?


Tons! It’s a little hard in the sense that you might not want to eat in the caf or Pi Shop, so you’re going to have to go grocery shopping.  Key Foods is great and Khim’s is right next to the dorms.  However, if you have a strict diet you can special order in the cafeteria and Pi Shop. It’ll cost a little more, of course, but the catering company is starting a new program with special cooked to order items for vegan, lactose intolerance, gluten-free, and other dietary needs.  Just get in contact with CulinArt!

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Money is the New Medium

By: Heather Zwillenberg

If you’re tired of carrying around your regular run-of-the-mill dollar bill or coin in your pocket then there’s good news for you. The Money as a Medium graduate class is creating a new form of currency that is sure to get all Pratt students excited about their dough.

The Money as a Medium class will set out to help the students of Pratt and people around the world reinvent the way they see and think about money. The new form of currency will be called Scrypt. The word Scrypt comes from the word scrip which was used to describe in-convertible currency. 

“The goal of this project is to create a new kind of consciousness over exchange,” said graduate student Sara Collins.

“In turn, forcing a self awareness around value and circulation, we address what is possibly working or not working within the current socio-economic system. We have a chance to redefine our values, ethically and quantitatively through participation within this project.” 

The new currency Scrypt will consist of 50 notebooks. Each notebook will have a QR code in the back. The notebook’s possessor will have the option to scan the code. Each scan will be used to create a digital map of where the notebook has traveled.  

The person who has possession of the notebook/currency at the time will then use a page of the notebook to create a piece of artwork to which they determine the value. The next step would be to exchange that notebook for something of value.

Once the the project is completed (May 1) the artwork will be displayed in a gallery.The goal of Scrypts is to create a new form of currency. The artwork in the notebook is meant to create value in itself to which can be exchanged for whatever the artists determines is equal in value.

“Hopefully, we will have enough notebooks at the end of the semester to coordinate an exhibition! after the exhibition, they will be archived, if not put back into circulation,” said Collins  

With currency today, value is not exchanged for value. What we don’t realize is that more money is exchanged for an item not equal in value. Scrypts aims to change that concept.

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Pratt Institute’s Photography Department Spring 2014 Thesis Exhibitions continue with two exhibitions starting on Monday by Travis Weitzman (Photography Gallery C6) Russell Barsanti & Sam Siegel (Photography Gallery C1). 

Please join us for an opening reception beginning at 5pm on Monday, April 21. Gallery Hours are Tuesday-Friday, 12-5pm, in the ARC building, lower level, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn campus.

Congratulations Travis, Sam & Russell!

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Pratt or Bust: An Accepted Students Day Recap

By: Chelsea Proctor

On the weekend of April 12th and 13th, Pratt Campus opened its gates to prospective new students for the fall. This mix included both transfer students and new students for the classes of 2018 and 2019. More accurately, the campus welcomed the parents of these prospective new students in order to convince them that Pratt is the university for their children. Amidst the free breakfast, decorated tables, campus tours and cameo by President Schutte, the Prattler stopped by  on Sunday to ask the new students (and some parents) of Fashion, ComD and ID why they are considering choosing Pratt.

Why did you choose Pratt?

“I’m excited to study fashion. The dorms are definitely better than my RISD pre-college dorm though!”- Mei, prospective Fashion freshman.

“I’m still choosing between FIT and Pratt, but so far I like the idea of having a real campus. Although, I’d actually be in the city if I went to FIT.” - Anna, prospective Fashion freshman.

“It’s one of the top design schools, I’ve wanted to go [to Pratt] for a long time now. It’s kind of unreal to be accepted.” - Alex, prospective Industrial Design freshman.

“We’re from Jersey and we know Pratt’s reputation. Since our son is interested in pursuing graphic design, we want to make sure that he gets the education necessary to actually make a living at it.” - Mother of prospective ComD freshman.

“I’m sort of scared about starting at Pratt, I hear it’s really hard…. but, [ComD] is what I want to study in college, so I hope it’s worth it!” - Laura, prospective Fashion freshman.

“I haven’t officially accepted yet, but I think my parents are planning on making the deposit today. It’s kind of weird to think about…. I just don’t want to live in the dorm with shared bathrooms.” - Ryan, prospective ID freshman.

“My past colleges didn’t offer enough guidance, in my opinion. I wanted to attend a college where I could be creative but also have a solid foundation of skills. Pratt seems to offer that base…. My only concern will be that I will be a 22 year old Freshman.” - Maria, transfer student.

“It’s in New York. It’s a top school. Everything about Pratt is exciting to me right now.” - Cassie, prospective Industrial Design freshman.

Since I was also working a booth at Accepted Student’s day, here are some of my favorite conversations with concerned parents

“So you mean they have to buy their own toilet paper?”

            - It’s that or their hand. Between four people, I’m sure they can make it work.

“There will be boys in the same hallway as my daughter?”

            - I’m sure at some point they’ll visit the room too. *gasp*

“So how many quarters should we send him off with for laundry?”

            - The quarters wouldn’t go to laundry anyway. But you could help them buy single cigarettes as they gradually acquire a smoking habit.

“I know that you have to give me a good answer, but please, can you tell me what the drinking culture is like in the dorms?”

            -  It’s what you make of it. There’s the healthy choices floor, if that is a concern for you.

“What if I don’t like my roommate?”

            - You’ll live. It’s good practice for living independently.

Overall, Accepted Students Day (Weekend) was an exciting time that introduced many new faces to the Pratt Campus. While parents were dragging their children around figuring out the logistics of college life, students were beginning to imagine themselves as college students living and working on the campus we are all so familiar with. As a senior, it’s hard at times to not be cynical about Pratt when seeing such enthusiastic high school students who can’t wait to begin their college life. However, working Accepted Student’s Day, and talking with the new students made me nostalgic of the time when everything about Pratt was new and inviting. 

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The Write Space

By: Helena Duncan

            Pratt Institute has a strong undergraduate Writing program in its fifteenth year with a steady population of 100 students and is opening the doors to its MFA-in-Writing program this Fall. However, I and many other Writing majors at Pratt feel something is lacking: a space for us. Whereas fine arts, fashion, and architecture students have studios and galleries to work, collaborate, and display their talents–and a $3 million Film and Video Department building is currently in the works–writers have no “home base” or place to call our own. Despite the fact that we pay the same tuition, there is no designated studio for us.

            It is time for Pratt to have a Writers’ House. This would primarily be a space for Writing majors to study and work together and to hold readings, and it could provide studio space for our Writers-in-Residence (accomplished writers who hold temporary academic posts). It could also include offices or meeting rooms for the school literary magazine and newspaper.

            While several possible locations are being discussed by those who want to see the development of this space, including areas in Thrift Hall or North Hall, I posit that the townhouses provide a perfect venue. All of the townhouses are currently slated to become dorms in the coming years, a venture that is clearly financially lucrative for Pratt, but I would like to see just one of these set aside to provide a special space for the writers here. I am aware that different departments clamor for space and that the allocation of any space is dependent on finances and campus master plans, but this is not an impossible feat. This is something my peers and I deserve to see built during our time here at Pratt.

            I have attended readings at the Lillian Vernon Creative Writers’ House at NYU and I was inspired by the way the space–a renovated home with room for readings, workshops, and studying–was a symbol of community among the NYU Writing students. Other top colleges such as Sarah Lawrence also have Writers’ Houses. Talking amongst my peers and fellow writers, I feel a strong consensus that a similar house would greatly enhance the program here and offer it a sense of coherence and legitimacy.

            I came to Pratt because I wanted to study writing in a school where it would be treated like the art that it is, and I have not been disappointed. But like any artists, writers need a space to work and to share their work with others. The advance of the MFA program only makes this need more pressing. The Writing majors at Pratt Institute call on Pratt’s leaders such as President Schutte to listen to the needs of their students and make this space a priority. 

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Which Pratt Cat Are You?

By Hunter DuVall

1.Pick a dessert.

a. Ice-cream

b. Cupcakes

c. Pie

d. Cookies

2.Are you a day or a night person?

a. I’m always awake all the time—Art School

b. I sleep ‘round the clock

c. Night

d. Day

3.Describe yourself in one word.

a. Grouchy; I will bite you

b. Pleasant

c. Shy

d. Fantastic

4.Pick a place to live.

a. In the middle o’ nowhere

b. On the beach

c. In the city

d. In space

5.Choose a beverage.

a. Monster

b. Root Beer Float

c. Coffee

d. Water

6.What’s your favorite hobby?

a. Video Games

b. Hanging with friends

c. Reading

d. Extreme Sports

7.Thoughts on the outdoors?

a. Love it

b. Wherever there’s people

c. Hate it

d. I own the outdoors

8. How in shape are you?

a. Very in shape

b. Round is a shape, isn’t it?

c. Pretty in shape

d. I’ve never been out of shape

9.Fill in the blank: _________ the humans

a. Destroy

b. Cuddle

c. Observe

d. Rescue

10.Pick a song.

a. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

b. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

c. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

d. Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin

(Mostly C’s) Little Mama:


Photo by: [x]

You’re calm and quiet and don’t say much. Your friends know you for the famous person you’re named after, but they still love you and care about you. You like to walk around and watch the students on campus, happy to see so much diversity, but you make sure they don’t see you.


(Mostly D’s) Lestat:


Photo by: [x]

You are the definition of awesome. You have a spicy personality and a witty sense of humor, a friend of everyone. You’re adventurous and are a distant relative of Puss in Boots. A Pantas Cat, you can handle yourself and often walk with a strut, but you’re soft and romantic under that confident shell.

(Mostly A’s) Art School:


Photo by: [x]

You just do not like people. When someone approaches you, your first instinct is to bite them and run away. You’ve had your share of ups and downs, and you have the scars to prove it. You used to trust people but now you keep everything to yourself. 

(Mostly B’s) Teddy:


Photo by: Kat Moy

You’re a sweetheart and a lover. If you were in a Hogwarts House, you’d be in Hufflepuff. You love cuddling and sleeping in the sun on warm spring days. Life is just too short to care about getting hurt, to concentrate on holding grudges, to spend energy on being grouchy.

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Anonymous asked: How is the food at Pratt?


I think it’s fine. Plus you’re surrounded by restaurants so if you don’t like the on-campus food there’s something for everyone.

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Anonymous asked: The tattoos you guys chose to photograph are some of the most generic ones I've seen around campus. Did the writer even try and ask a variety of people? I can recommend some...


If you’d like to submit your own tattoos, or your friends would, please do so.

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Blaze It or Praise It

By: Priscilla Kim

This spring, as Easter (another religiously observed holiday) falls on 4/20, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ becomes an afterthought to many students at Pratt Institute. However, for those who are keen on observing this Christian tradition of prayer, egg hunts, a lamb roast, and baskets of pastel-color wrapped candies, the Clinton Hill branch of Resurrection Presbyterian is known for its legendary Easter festivities. Combined with high spirits and the end of Lent, the Easter Potluck dinner served in the evening is nothing short of praiseworthy.

Pratt’s surrounding community of artists and young professionals also consist very much of a large number of “foodies.” These photographers, homemakers, freelancers, and artists of multi-regional backgrounds accessorize their Instagram pictures with “#foodporn” and relish the good eats that are littered throughout the city with an amateurish yet enthusiastic glee that belongs to a self-proclaimed connoisseur of artisanal cheeses and beer. Luckily, Resurrection Church, located on Willoughby Avenue between Hall Street and Classon Ave, is home to a congregation of everyone from food-loving vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, to meat-eaters.

Last Easter, the entire upper floor of the church, where tables and chairs were neatly arranged, was filled with about hundred-fifty people, of which probably fifty church members contributed to the potluck. Drinks, from french wines to craft beers, completely covered one large fold up table. Desserts, from homemade pecan pie to colorful meringues, filled another. The main attraction, a long buffet line of five tables, circled around the center of the room overflowing with everything one could ever perceive of eating in one sit down: Homemade fried chicken of varying degrees of spices, dozens of salads with flavorful combinations, freshly baked dinner rolls, casseroles, potatoes, pasta dishes, burgers, hotdogs, ribs and much more beckoned the congregation to feast. There was more than enough food for every single person in that room to have seconds, thirds, and a to-go plate of leftovers.

What was also amazing about this event was the fact that all of the food, silverware, candies, and thousands of napkins came out of people’s personal time, effort, and pocket. Everyone had brought something to the table. If it wasn’t a bowl of delicious apple kale salad, it was a helping hand to clean up afterwards. The amount of laughter and joy in that church as people ate and drank proliferated and exceeded the parameters of the church walls as a result of everyone’s willingness to serve one another that evening. There was no hard feelings whatsoever to those who came empty-handed; every single person was welcome.

If you’re conflicted between spending this Sunday in Central Park lighting up a joint and going to an Easter-related event, consider coming to Resurrection for a quick service and a dinner afterwards. No one is obligated to bring anything to the potluck and all are welcome.

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