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    Cannoneer or Cat? That is the Question

    By: Madison Walker

    Although derived from the 19th century cannon that bears the insignia of Philip V that stands near the DeKalb entrance to campus our mascot, the Cannoneers, is a hot topic for scrutiny among the student body. Anyone who’s seen the now out of use mascot costume has been scarred for life from seeing it make its way across the gym floor. The question, however, is if that is the reason no one shows up to support their fellow students or is it just the lack of interest among the students in general? The Prattler sent out a survey to see student opinion and the only 8% of the people polled actually like the Cannoneer, where the 92% others felt very strongly that they do not like our current mascot and want a change to occur. Most comments about this included that it “doesn’t mean anything or represent the student body” or “doesn’t feel relevant to an art school” but most of the comments deemed that it was simply “outdated”.

    No one seems to be excited to go to games and chant “go Cannoneers go” because no one can connect to it. Paul Petruccelli, Academic Computing Lab manager, Public Address Announcer for Pratt Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and overall fan of the Pratt Athletics had this to say;

    “The Cannoneer is a great Mascot.  He is unique. In his current form (rendering as graphic art) he is menacing, strong, & confident.  Like a Cannon …a force to be reckoned with.”

    The current logo for our mascot is indeed menacing, and if the school was able to get a better mascot costume for it perhaps more students could get behind the idea of the Cannoneers and cheer for them. Molly Glover, Junior Fashion design major, strongly thought we have a great mascot and that we just need a better mascot costume. She thinks our mascot should be a “CANNONEER but cooler… I’ll do it. Seriously. This dwarfish bobble headed thing is NOT what we want to see, but I don’t want to see a cat either”

    Mr. Petruccelli does not think we need a mascot change either; “college sports students and communities have the ability to “get behind” a mascot and at many schools they have gone unchanged forever a century.” Most mascots don’t represent a school directly so why does Pratt need to? Of the people who agree that they do in fact like our mascot said that it’s “uniquely odd.” and that “Pratt students blow everyone else away” already.

    The Prattler also asked students if they would be more inclined to go to games if the mascot was changed and the answer was surprising. The usual air students at Pratt give off is that they don’t care about the sports here at Pratt—but based on poll results it’s not the sports—it’s the mascot that keeps them at bay. 58% of students who took our poll said they would go to games more if the mascot were anything other than a Cannoneer. Where as only 26% said it didn’t matter either way they wouldn’t go to games. The other 16% were students who said they were graduating, or depending on their schedules, but some students asked if there were games.

    There seems to be a problem with information getting around the students advertising these events. If there was a better system in telling students there was a home game on a Friday or Saturday night more people might be inclined to go sit and cheer for our school, Cannoneers or not.

    92% of students said the mascot should be changed to the Pratt Cats, who didn’t see that one coming honestly? Teddy, Lestat, Higgins, Willoughby and the rest are unique to Pratt. Other schools only wish they had campus pets to make their days brighter. Pratt Cats sound better as well, and although most students probably just want fat Teddy’s face as the mascot we still need to come off menacing and fierce to our opponents in games. One student even suggested this; “Pratt Cats, follow our colors - gold and black - maybe a cougar or black leopard (jaguar)” which graphically would be stunning and intimidating but still be something the entire student body can relate to.

    Mr. Petruccelli had one final thing to add;

    “Ultimately I feel that it shouldn’t matter what your mascot is.  If you enjoy sports at all and your schedule allows for it you should turn out to support your fellow students and peers.  It’s almost like going out to support people as they put up their thesis exhibits.  The student that participate in sports are making an extra special effort and time commitment to do something positive to represent Pratt here on campus and across the region when they play on the road.  Don’t they deserve your support and encouragement in this endeavor just as much as if it were Painting, Sculpture, Design, Printing, ComD Survey, a Fashion Show, Film Screening, a Photo Exhibit, etc. In the end it has a whole lots less to do with whether you are supporting a Cannoneer or a Cat.  I has to do with us all supporting each other in the Institute’s campus community whether we’re making Art or playing a Sport.”

    Which is a fantastic point, why don’t students go out to games regardless of who we are? Sure we’re not a state school that makes sports anything huge—but we still need to support the students here who’s schedules are more packed than anyone else can even dream of, and show them their efforts aren’t in vain.

     Support the school by going to as many games as you can!

    — 4 months ago
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    Anonymous asked: If I'm in the associates degree program, what are my housing options? I'm just confused between the whole Manhattan campus and Brooklyn campus deal.


    There are no dorms on Pratt Manhattan campus. However, students who take Manhattan campus classes can still live on brooklyn campus (but it’s going to be quite a bit for you to travel) the updated Pratt website has off-campus housing listings

    Craigslist is also helpful. Apartments are actually becoming cheaper in Manhattan than in Brooklyn. Also checkout MyspaceNYC. You can find apartments and roommates!

    — 4 months ago
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    Pratt’s Summer Jams

    By: Matt Calabrese

    Everybody has a soundtrack to their summer. Songs that instantly take them to a campfire on the beach on a cool night in June, or a picnic in the park on a Saturday in July. The Prattler decided to talk to some students and find out what songs or albums are part of their summer soundtracks, and compile them into a playlist for your listening pleasure.

    Some students like to travel in the summer, and need music fit for long car rides on the open road. For Kate Allaire, a senior Graphic Design major, “summer means road trips, and road trips mean the mountains. The Civil Wars and any other Folk, Southern, or Blues albums are perfect for my road trips.”

    Other students prefer music that takes them back to the summers past. Becca Singer, a senior Illustration major, is particularly nostalgic for the album Sawdust, by The Killers. “I listened to it a lot in high school, but I have specific memories of a 15 or 16 year old me listening this album on separate trips to Mexico and Honduras, which is pretty summery.”

    For Sarah Swift, a junior Painting student, Slightly Stoopid’s Everything You Need and Acoustic Roots: Live and Direct take her back to summer nights in high school. “They effin’ rule,” says Swift. Kayla Nixdorf, an Advertising senior and copywriting extraordinaire, likes to party like it’s 1999. Her favorite song to listen to in the summer is “Steal My Sunshine” by Len. “It is about FOMO,” explains Nixdorf, “a very real summer feeling when you have skeptical friends.” For Film senior Patrick Hanover, it’s a tie between “Sleazy” by Ke$ha and “Das Me” by Brooke Candy, because of “the looks you get when listening to these songs. Last but certainly not least is Chelsea Pinedo, a junior Industrial Design major. Pinedo likes to get down to “Africa” by Toto. Why? “Um, because it’s awesome,” she says, “and there’s a gong in it.”

    So whether they prefer to listen to music that gets them through long road trips in the mountains, or music that brings them back to the good old days, everybody has that perfect playlist that puts them in a summer mood. Share your favorite tracks at

    — 4 months ago with 1 note
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    The Big Moment

    By: Emily Martin-McKamie

    It’s the end of the year, and Pratt’s seniors have the last hurrah to look forward to— graduation. Pratt’s Commencement Ceremony this year will be held on Friday, May 16 at 1 o’clock at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. The commencement is ‘ceremonial and symbolic’ however. Students who attend and participate are not technically graduates. While it is in all essences a graduation ceremony, students must have applied for graduation prior to the commencement ceremony, as well as meet the required standings to receive their actual degree. Several speakers will participate in the commencement ceremony. However, it is well known around the senior class that Michelle Betters will be the student
    speaker. There are rumors of other students that have been chosen, hopefully rumors that will become certified in the next week or two before the commencement ceremony.


    Pratt’s website sets these two standards for honors graduates, “To graduate with honors and wear a silver cord at the Ceremony, Associate and Baccalaureate degree recipients must have earned a final cumulative GPA no lower than 3.5 in all work. A minimum final cumulative
    GPA of 3.75 is required for graduation with highest honors.” A tall order and yet, many of Pratt’s graduating class won’t find it hard to meet them.

    The Final Hurdles

    Survey week, design week, finals week- these all lead up to final grades, and final projects. For seniors it’s the last hurdle before they leave Pratt and enter into their fields as a newly graduate. An exciting, if stressful last few weeks await the seniors. All the speakers and participants are wished luck as they push through. It is to be hoped that this year’s ceremony will be filled with wit and cheer enough to last a lifetime. All the memories of these seniors years here will be recognized at the ceremony in the simple fact that they made it. They made it to the end of the road and are now stepping off into a new direction. Pratt will always be a chapter in their lives, but it is time for them to say goodbye.

    — 4 months ago
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    Free & For Sale Frenzy

    By: Helena Duncan

    Where can you buy and sell guitar amps, clothes, shoes, concert tickets, art supplies, makeup, furniture, packs of cigarettes (with one or two missing), and even animal pelts, all without leaving campus?

    The answer is the Pratt “Free & For Sale” Facebook page, an open group within the Pratt Institute groups on Facebook (a valid email address is needed to join). 

    With over 1,100 members–almost a quarter of Pratt’s total student body–the group is a convenient place for Pratt students to find used stuff (“Fridges, futons, textbooks, and tons of other stuff,” according to the page description). An initial scroll through the page will show that most of the items people are selling are women’s clothing–dresses, shirts, pants, shoes–but you can also find dorm items, food, appliances, books, and almost anything else someone is hoping to make a few bucks off of. Occasionally you’ll find a couple eyebrow raisers; one girl ignited a conversation in the comments section of her post when she advertised that she was selling her opossum fur pelts.

    It can be an easy and useful way to make money off of things taking up space in your dorm room, like clothes you don’t wear anymore or that you bought in the wrong size. There’s no standard price for any one item, although most used clothing is listed for pretty cheap, while new or right-out-of-the-box items can be much pricier depending on the brand and condition. If you see something you’re interested in, you can leave a comment or message the person who posted it and set up a time to come to their room and check it out or try it on. Most people are willing to negotiate on the prices.

    Though the group is titled “Free & For Sale,” most of the items are things people are selling, although you’ll sometimes find some junk people are just happy to get rid of. One girl griped on the page, “Why does it seem like no one ever posts anything for free??”, to which someone else replied, “Be the change.”

    Search “Pratt” in groups on Facebook to get started.

    — 4 months ago
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    You say Goodbye and I say Hello!

    The new issue of the Prattler is out now!

    — 4 months ago with 5 notes
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    Senioritis and You: How to Get Shit Done

    By: Madison Walker

    We’ve all been there, at a certain point we all just put down our work and say “fuck it.” We’d much rather be watching a movie or getting drunk with our friends before the real world comes our way. Your attention span is drifting now, isn’t it? Mine too, but we can get through this article together.

    So getting shit done. This is at its core the hardest thing to conquer as a senior suffering from the itis. Here’s how to finish your senior year with a bang while having fun.

    When are your thesis things due? What do you have to do before that deadline?
    Make a list and read it over, then read it over again. Yeah that’s a lot of shit to do. We’re all in the same boat. So really weigh your options here—is watching Frozen for the twentieth time a better choice than checking off maybe one of those things? We all know Frozen is the better choice here, but not the practical one. This was a rhetorical question. (

    Moving onto the next step—stock up on drinks.

    No not alcoholic ones. Drinks to keep you going, or going to the bathroom, whatever comes first. Caffeinated drinks make you crash—you’re probably going to read that and go ‘yeah whatever’ and drink your damn Venti, Quad, One-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha Machiatto
    whatever… but that bed is gonna look so good soon enough and welp another day wasted like that! So say no caffeine but drink other things—and save the alcohol for achievements.

    You’ve had four years to make friends—Doing work with them improves motivation!

    When you’re both pumped to be the best you can be while bitching about your department, magical things can happen. Plus you’re less likely to go to bed with someone in your room! (Unless you’re sleeping together in which case hookups don’t make the best study-buddies!)

    Are you still reading? I would have given up so long ago—so maybe your senioritis isn’t that strong yet, (yet being the key word here.) Finals are around the corner, and in turn graduation. The biggest motivator is that diploma. Just tell yourself that if you don’t finish this stuff you won’t be getting that. Four years (or however long you’ve been here, yeah I’m looking at you crazy Architecture kids!) wasted just like that. If that doesn’t motivate you—nothing will, you’re doomed and there’s no coming back. If you follow these easy steps—lists, friends, non-caffeinated drinks, and stay up with people you aren’t sleeping with—we’ll get through senior year together and be done with Pratt! Then you can drink until your liver hates you and watch movies whenever you want. Or in-between jobs because unfortunately we’re not free from work when we’re done with Pratt, we’re just done getting a letter grade and slip of paper. Good luck kiddies!

    — 4 months ago with 3 notes
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    Anonymous asked: Are there many vegans on campus and is it hard living/ eating as one as a Pratt student?


    Tons! It’s a little hard in the sense that you might not want to eat in the caf or Pi Shop, so you’re going to have to go grocery shopping.  Key Foods is great and Khim’s is right next to the dorms.  However, if you have a strict diet you can special order in the cafeteria and Pi Shop. It’ll cost a little more, of course, but the catering company is starting a new program with special cooked to order items for vegan, lactose intolerance, gluten-free, and other dietary needs.  Just get in contact with CulinArt!

    — 4 months ago with 2 notes
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    Money is the New Medium

    By: Heather Zwillenberg

    If you’re tired of carrying around your regular run-of-the-mill dollar bill or coin in your pocket then there’s good news for you. The Money as a Medium graduate class is creating a new form of currency that is sure to get all Pratt students excited about their dough.

    The Money as a Medium class will set out to help the students of Pratt and people around the world reinvent the way they see and think about money. The new form of currency will be called Scrypt. The word Scrypt comes from the word scrip which was used to describe in-convertible currency. 

    “The goal of this project is to create a new kind of consciousness over exchange,” said graduate student Sara Collins.

    “In turn, forcing a self awareness around value and circulation, we address what is possibly working or not working within the current socio-economic system. We have a chance to redefine our values, ethically and quantitatively through participation within this project.” 

    The new currency Scrypt will consist of 50 notebooks. Each notebook will have a QR code in the back. The notebook’s possessor will have the option to scan the code. Each scan will be used to create a digital map of where the notebook has traveled.  

    The person who has possession of the notebook/currency at the time will then use a page of the notebook to create a piece of artwork to which they determine the value. The next step would be to exchange that notebook for something of value.

    Once the the project is completed (May 1) the artwork will be displayed in a gallery.The goal of Scrypts is to create a new form of currency. The artwork in the notebook is meant to create value in itself to which can be exchanged for whatever the artists determines is equal in value.

    “Hopefully, we will have enough notebooks at the end of the semester to coordinate an exhibition! after the exhibition, they will be archived, if not put back into circulation,” said Collins  

    With currency today, value is not exchanged for value. What we don’t realize is that more money is exchanged for an item not equal in value. Scrypts aims to change that concept.

    — 4 months ago
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